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  • Chestnut honey 50g 3.50

    Powerfully dark with a slight bitter note – chestnut honey from the nectar of the chestnut blossom – a taste journey into the depths of our forest.

    Maronen- oder Kastanienhonig verfügt über eine rötliche bis bräunliche Färbung und besitzt in den meisten Fällen eine zart flüssige Konsistenz.
    Aufgrund seiner besonderen Eigenschaft schmeckt der Kastanienhonig etwas herb mit bitter Nuancen. Dabei aber immer kräftig und von tiefer Würze.
    Die Kastanienblüte verleiht dem ganzen ein blumig warmes Aroma und vertieft den unvergleichlichen Geschmack von fruchitg-nussiger Kastanie.
    Eine aromatische Delikatesse, für jeden Feinschmecker ein einzigartiger Genuss.

    Durch seinen vielseitigen Geschmack passt er zu zahlreichen Speisen, wie Käse, Fisch und Fleisch.

    also available in 250g.

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  • Tulsi honey 50g 3.80

    Refreshing, flowery, with invigorating herbal notes – that’s the taste of tulsi honey, made from the nectar of the sacred Indian basil.

    In its homeland, tulsi is considered the queen of herbs, a sacred herb.

    The Indians also call this basil tulsi – the Sanskrit word for “the incomparable one”.

    As special as this herb is, so unique and healing is the honey.

    It contains various essential oils, relieves stress, strengthens the immune system and has anti-ageing properties. It is not for nothing that it is considered an elixir of life in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

    Tulsi honey has a light golden-yellow colour that ranges into reddish-brown. With its fresh floral taste and delicate flowing consistency, this honey invites us to relax and immerse ourselves in a feeling of well-being.

    If you want to learn more about king basil honey and its healing properties, you can find an article about this divine plant here:


    also available in 250g.

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  • Rosemary honey 50g 3.25

    The light floral-slightly spicy honey has an invigorating effect and is ideal as a special breakfast honey. The blue rosemary flowers offer bees a rich supply of nectar. It has a unique taste and smell reminiscent of flowers.

    Rosemary honey is rich in lithium, which supports memory and has a stabilising effect on the psyche; it also calms the digestion. Die Region um Valencia, aus der unser Honig stammt, ist bekannt für die Farbenpracht der weiten Rosmarinfelder und der Rosmarinhonig eine lokale Spezialiät.

    Available in 500g and 250g jars.

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  • Almond honey 50g 3.25

    Almonds are the first trees to blossom after the winter season. For the bees, the first fresh nectar source and the start of the season. Harvesting almond honey, however, requires tact and the right timing, as it can easily happen that a frost occurs and destroys the flowers. Therefore, almond honey is a rare speciality.

    Almond honey is a delicate sweet honey with some bitter tones that give it a delicate pleasant taste. It has a light, slightly yellow colour, a fine crystallisation and supports digestion.

    Available in 500g and 250g jars.

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  • Eucalyptus honey 50g 3.00

    Eucalyptus honey has a strong dark colour and distinctive smell. It has a spicy-fresh taste that has nothing to do with cough sweets, which we might think of at first. Friends of forest and lime honey will enjoy this honey.

    Eucalyptus honey has many good healing properties for the body. The eucalyptus oil contained in honey helps with colds and can help with urinary tract infections and the elimination of kidney stones.

    Available in 500gand 250gjars.

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  • Neem honey 50g 3.80

    Dark caramel toffee flavour that slowly melts on the tongue, spicy and tart – the Indian superfood in the form of liquid gold.

    What has long been known as a gift from heaven in ancient Sanskrit scriptures unfolds its full effect in our neem honey.

    Neem is a medicinal plant that has been used in Ayurveda for centuries, its honey is also called ‘Maharishi honey’. Neem honey is especially known for its many positive healing effects on the body. It promotes wound healing, strengthens the immune system, helps with skin diseases and many other ailments. It is known as an anti-inflammatory, cough suppressant and antiseptic.

    Neem honey is a dark honey with a full-bodied, dark toffee and gingerbread flavour that is warm, and wildly floral.

    Delicious on warm pancakes, in porridge, waffles or on bread.

    A teaspoon of neem honey before starting the day helps to boost the immune system and energy levels for the day.

    If you would like to learn more about the panacea neem honey, click here.

    also available in 250g.

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  • Blackberry honey 50g 3.50

    Passionately fruity blackberry aroma – our refreshing summer honey – experience tenderness and sweetness from untouched nature in Spain.

    Blackberry honey has a dark amber to black colour with a reddish glow. Its characteristically fruity and slightly sweet taste is reminiscent of ripe fruit with a hint of rose.
    A slightly savoury, delicate summer honey that refreshes body and mind and tenderly combines many nuances of taste.
    For gourmets and honey lovers, an unmistakable pleasure.

    The honey goes excellently with fresh, unripened cheese, for example, or as a topping for yoghurt, desserts or nuts.
    Due to its naturally gentle sweetness, it can also be used instead of sugar in baked goods and cooking.

    Available in 2 50g jars.

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  • Sunflower honey 50g 2.50

    Our in-house blend of sunflower and buckwheat in equal parts.

    Here we have complemented the particularly dark and aromatic buckwheat with the creamy mild and fruity sunflower. Its consistency is ***, creamy, with larger sugar crystals and a caramel brown colour. The sunflower and buckwheat honey blend is a true all-rounder that adds an extra touch to special dishes, desserts and drinks. A creamy, fruity and aromatic honey that suits all tastes and is neither too sweet nor too spicy.

    Available in 500gand 250g jars.

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  • Acacia honey 50g 3.25

    We offer this very popular and high-quality honey in a particularly high quality.

    Because of its slightly vanilla taste, it is very popular with children. Acacia honey stays liquid much longer than other honeys, and is also excellent as a sweetener. It is considered hypoallergenic and is therefore the best honey for allergy sufferers. As it contains many effective antioxidants, it is also excellent to apply to the skin to relieve acne and heal wounds.

    Available in 500gand 250gjars.

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  • Raw Orange Blossom honey 50g 3.50

    Raw orange blossom honey

    Raw orange blossom honey, one of the classic honeys of the Mediterranean, differs from other honeys in that it has not been heated or filtered in any way. This honey comes directly from the comb to your home and retains all its good qualities.

    Raw orange blossom honey is most characteristic of the Valencia area, where there are large areas of orange trees. It is a honey with a mild taste and pleasant smell. It is one of the gentlest honeys, both for its spectacular floral aroma and its sweet taste. Its colour is light amber and practically transparent when it is liquid and white when it crystallises.

    Available in 500g and 50g jars.

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  • Lemon honey 50g 3.50

    Lemon honey

    This honey is extracted from the blossom of the lemon trees and harvested in spring, usually in the months of April and May. Its colour is a very light yellow and its aroma is mildly sweet with a fine acidity. It crystallises slowly and very finely. The area where this type of honey is normally grown is in the province of Alicante.

    Lemon honey is the honey we are most likely to recommend to those just entering the world of honey because it is very gentle on the palate; for the same reason it is also recommended for children.

    Available in 500g and 250g jars.

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  • Lavender honey 50g 3.50

    Lavender honey is a very well-known and very popular honey. No wonder, because the amber-coloured honey comes with a whole bouquet of different flavours.

    The velvety taste combines smoky depth with light bitter tones, refreshing citrus notes and pleasant sweetness. A very aromatic honey that fills the whole mouth. Lavender honey also has great healing properties as it supports the regeneration of the tissue. It is used to heal burns, insect bites and wounds.

    Available in 500g and 250g jars.

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