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The Art of Honey

The Art of Honey only sells Raw Honey, this is honey harvested directly from the beehives, unadulterated, unblended and without any cruelty to the bees.

Origin of the honeysūüíú

We only source our honey from passionate beekeepers because the love/energy you put into what you do plays a big part in everything The Art of Honey does.


Purity of the HoneyūüćĮ

The honey we sell is obtained from flower nectar, honeydew from trees or leaf stalks. None of the honeys are adulterated, blended, microfiltered, or added with anything to adulterate or alter the honey’s natural flavor.
Since honey is a natural product and nature is subject to constant change, no honey tastes like the honey of the previous year. The weather determines the flowering time and the temperature determines the nectar flow. It can be a beautiful sunny day, but if the temperature is too low, the flowers won’t produce valuable nectar.



About 50,000 bees live in an average beehive. Bees have a life expectancy of about 40 days in spring and summer. And the queen amazingly lays up to 2000 eggs every day. When a bee reaches its age, it crawls out of the hive so as not to impair the effectiveness of the colony by removing the remains. But sometimes it happens that a bee doesn’t make it in time and dies in the hive. In this case, the remains are removed from the hive by the bees so that no harmful germs can form.


We know all the beekeepers we work with personally. As mentioned at the beginning, these people are so passionate about what they do that it is quite a different experience to feel their humble and simple approach to life and their profession.
These Beekeepers care more about the health of their bees than honey and money because when their bees die or are unhealthy, it affects the honey production and their beekeeping income. So no harm is done to the bees.

Fine Quality Honey selected from Pristine Nature

The Art of Honey offers twenty different tastes of Honey. These have been carefully selected from many beekeepers living in the pristine nature of Ukraine, Spainand even India.

Ukraine pretty unknown in western Europe, is little developed in its countryside and so the Nature is full of flowers and insects. It’s very common for people to live in small villages in this pristine Nature and live simply from their vegetable patches, fruit trees and their beehives. 

In Spain in the area between Valencia and Alicante on the eastern coast, there are unending orchard’s of Orange and Lemon trees. We have found high in a small mountain village a family of beekeepers now with the fourth generation. We are pleased to add Mediterranean honey to our collection.

The Indian Honey comes from the South of India, where the exotic vegetation and different bee species create a rich honey taste that is unlike anything we know from european honey.

We were able to select Honey almost as we would select wine travelling through France. We contacted small beekeepers, tasted a variety of honeys and the beekeepers usually knew pretty accurately from which flowers the bees had taken the honey in a particular season.

By living close to nature, the farmers were in tune with the kind of flowers that grew up in the different seasons. And by placing their hives they could quite carefully predetermine the final taste of the honey. 

This unique collection from The Art of Honey offers the finest possible selection of high quality honey, from pristine nature.

An Important Disclaimer.

Our honey is pure, directly as the bees created it. Nothing is mixed. Nothing is heated beyond 38 degrees. It naturally crystallizes from liquid to solid. When honey stays liquid it could be a sign that the honey has been heated beyond 38 degrees and this could effect the natural goodness of the honey.

Natural, Untreated Honey

Our honey is pure, just like the bees created it. No honey is mixed or otherwise denatured in any way.
It naturally crystallizes from liquid to solid.

Natural, unprocessed honey is packed with unique ingredients, therefore we source our honey directly from beekeepers with generations of experience. In its natural form, honey crystallizes at room temperature, depending on the variety.

The commercially available honey is liquid and golden in color because it has undergone heat treatment. Crystallized honey is less practical, so large honey factories heat and pasteurize their honey.

The honey can be heated to over 70 degrees, which slows down crystallization, but unfortunately destroys the honey’s special aroma and the vital enzymes in it that are responsible for activating the honey’s vitamins and minerals.

As part of the pasteurization process, many types of honey are often mixed together, resulting in an inferior mixture that tastes sweet but no longer has a special aroma and, above all, no longer has any valuable ingredients. This is what we have commonly come to know as ‘honey’.created

Diamond Quality

In Greek mythology, Ambrosia is the food of gods, which was given by the heavens to nourish them and give them immortality.

Our Ambrosia Honey slowly melts on the tongue and causes many little taste explosions in your mouth. Its divine, velvety flavour caresses the palate and is reminiscent of ripe fruit.

Ambrosia honey comes from wild bee colonies in the jungles of southern Sri Lanka.


Short Docu: Harvesting Ambrosia Honey

There the beekeepers work with very simple equipment, no protective clothes, and no special tools. They walk in the Jungle and hit trees to find those hollow which might contain Bees. The whole combs are taken, and pressed by hand. It is a very labour-intense and time-consuming process. Through this simple and natural style of honey harvesting, you get honey that contains all the natural flavours and characteristics of the wild bee colonies of Sri Lanka.

It’s offered in 250g and 50g pots

Platinum Quality

Raw Orange Blossom

One of the classic honeys of the Mediterranean, raw orange blossom honey differs from other honey’s in that it has not been heated nor has it been filtered. It is the honey that goes directly from the honeycomb to your home, maintaining all its properties.

Raw orange blossom honey is the most characteristic of the área around Valencia in which there are large areas of orange trees. It is a honey with a mild taste and a pleasant smell. It is one of the softest honey’s that can be tasted, both for its spectacular floral aroma and its sweet taste. Its color is light amber and practically transparent when it is liquid and a white tone when it crystallizes.

It’s offered in 250gm and 50gm pots. ¬†


This honey is obtained from the blossom of the lemon trees, it is harvested in spring, normally in the months of April and May. Its color is very light yellow and its aroma is very mild with a sweet flavour with an acid touch. It crystallizes slowly and its crystal is very fine. The area where this type of honey is usually grown is in the province of Alicante.

Lemon honey is the honey that we usually recommend for those who start in the world of honey because it is a very soft honey on the palate, I also recommend it for the same reason for children.  It is a suitable honey to take with an infusion or with hot milk.

It’s offered in 250gm and 50gm pots.


Lavender honey is a very well known and very popular honey. No wonder, because the amber-colored honey comes with a whole bouquet of different taste nuances.  

The velvety taste combines smoky depth with light bitter tones, refreshing citrus notes and pleasant sweetness. A very well-balanced, aromatic honey that fills the entire mouth. 

Lavender honey also has great healing properties as it supports tissue regeneration, reduces stress and increases focus. 

It promotes wound healing, insect bites, and burns, reduces acne, and soothes the mucous membranes.

It’s offered in 250gm and 50gm pots.

Herbal Jungle

Ayurveda Edition

The Indian Herbal Honey comes from Coorg in southern India, which is known for its tropical rainforest, evergreen coffee plantations and diverse medicinal herbs.

The breathtakingly exotic landscape provides a rich nectar supply from which the bees produce this incomparable honey. The diversity of plantation in Coorg is reflected in this nuanced honey.

In the foreground are aromas of spices and wild herbs. In the background, a soft full-bodied coffee flavor and a deep florality that unfolds with time.

The Indian Herbal Honey strengthens the heart, acts as blood purifier, soothes cough, cold and fever. It has a rich, reddish-brown color and thick consistency. It enhances drinks and is a delicacy straight from the spoon!

Currently sold out

Gold Quality

Silver Fir

Silver fir honey has a distinctly strong, spicy flavour and an unmistakable fir note.

It has a dark reddish-brown to a black colour and thick consistency.

Silver fir honey is an absolute powerhouse of trace elements, enzymes and minerals, of which it has far more than typical flower honey.
It has a healing effect on inflammation and has an antibacterial effect on the whole body.

The honey can be applied to bruises and wounds to support regeneration.

A unique taste for honey lovers.

It’s offered in 250gm and 50gm pots.


Ayurveda Edition

Refreshing, flowery, with an vitalizing herbal note – this is what Tulsi honey tastes like, collected from the nectar of holy Indian basil.

In its homeland India, Tulsi is considered the queen of herbs, a sacred herb.

The Indians also call this basil¬†Tulsi – the Sanskrit word for “The Incomparable”.
As special as this herb is, honey is just as unique and healing.

It contains various essential oils, relieves stress, strengthens the immune system and has anti-aging properties. It is not for nothing that it is considered the elixir of life in traditional Ayurveda medicine.

Tulsi honey is light golden yellow in color that tends to reddish brown. With its fresh, floral taste and its delicate, flowing consistency, this honey invites us to relax and immerse ourselves in a feeling of well-being.

Currently sold out

Wild Meadow Flowers

Collected from undisturbed pristine meadows
of wild flowers giving this honey a characteristic taste. 

A soft, light flowing creamy texture and a subtle fragant taste.

It’s offered in 250gm and 50gm pots.


The incomparable herb also provides a wonderfully aromatic honey that honey lovers appreciate.

Thyme honey has a velvety, finely spicy aroma. The color is reminiscent of dark amber and can almost go reddish. Its smell, which has a clarifying effect, is also typical.

Thyme honey has a calming effect on the nervous system, the intestines, and can even help with rheumatic complaints.
Those who like spicy honey will love thyme honey.

It’s offered in 250gm and 50gm pots.


A very well known and fine honey. We offer a particularly fine quality.

It is one of the sweetest honeys and excellent for sweetening without altering taste or aroma. Due to it’s particular taste reminiscent of sweet vanilla it is very popular with children.

It’s considered hypoallergenic and therefore the most suitable honey for people with allergies. Even for diabetics this honey is suitable as it’s fructose content is higher than it’s glucose.

Acacia Honey is known to stay liquid much longer than other honeys therefore it’s a popular choice for beverages and dishes.

It cleanses the liver, regulates the intestine, and soothes the respiratory system. Acacia honey is even recommended to help with insomnia, kidney diseases and headaches.

It contains many powerful antioxidants. When applied to the skin it can help to improve acne and wound healing.

It’s offered in 250gm and 50gm pots.


A rare and unique taste. This special honey has a fruity, flowery and aromatic taste with a slight aniseed flavour.
It is a speciality for every honey lover.

Coriander honey has a light brown colour, and great benefits for the digestive system and everything connected to it. From gastritis and ulcers to constipation, bloating and indigestion. 

It is antimicrobial, contains many natural essential oils and over 300 minerals. It is rich in iron, decreases blood sugar, and helps cleanse the vessels and restore their elasticity.

It helps increase appetite, protects the liver, prevents nausea, activates blood circulation and stimulates memory. It is considered bactericide and fungicide.

It’s offered in 250gm and 50gm pots.

Silver Quality


Ayurveda Edition

Dark caramel toffee flavor, that develops slowly on the tongue, spicy and tart – the Indian superfood in the form of liquid gold.

What has long been described as a gift from heaven in old Sanskrit writings unfolds its full effect in our neem honey.
Neem is a medicinal plant that has been known for centuries in Ayurveda , it’s honey is appreciated as Maharishi honey. Neem Honey is particularly known for its many positive features on the body.
It accelerates wound healing, strengthens the immune system, helps with skin diseases and many other ailments. It is known to be anti-inflammatory, anti-coughing and antiseptic. Neem honey is a dark honey, with a rich natural dark toffee, gingerbread taste, warm, enveloping and wildly floral.

Eat on warm pancakes or cereals, waffles or on bread.
It is recommended to eat one teaspoon of Neem Honey before you start your day to boost your immunity and energy during the day.

Currently sold out


Eucalyptus honey has a strong dark color and a distinctive smell. It has a spicy-fresh taste that has nothing to do with cough drops, which we might think of at first. Friends of forest and lime tree honey will like this honey.

Eucalyptus honey has many good healing properties for the body. It is anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, antiseptic, antibacterial, and stimulating. Also, it is a good natural remedy for respiratory problems.

The eucalyptus oil contained in the honey helps with colds and can help with expelling kidney stones  and infections of the urinary tract.

Applied to the skin Eucalyptus honey can help relieve muscle and joint pain, relax stiff muscles, help wound healing, insect bites and stings.

Even in cases of rheumatism, lumbago and sprained ligaments and tedons Eucalyptus Honey is recommended.

It’s offered in 250gm and 50gm pots.


The light, flowery, slightly spicy honey has a vitalizing effect and is ideal as a special breakfast honey. The blue rosemary flowers offer the bees a rich supply of nectar.

It has a unique taste and odor reminiscent of flowers.

Rosemary honey is rich in lithium, which supports the memory and has a stabilizing effect on the psyche, it also calms the digestion.

The region around Valencia from where we collect is known for the splendor of colors of the wide rosemary fields and the rosemary honey is a local specialty.

It’s offered in 250gm and 50gm pots.


A particular taste for honey lovers.

Buckwheat honey is immediately recogniseable by its typically dark colour and particular smell.

The texture is thick and creamy with an aromatic, malty taste.

It comes from the dark nectar of the Buckwheat flowers and is one of the honeys with the highest concentration of antioxidants and macronutrients. It is often compared to Manuka honey due to its strong healing powers. Essential minerals like magnesium, zinc, copper and iron are even higher than in manuka honey.

It strengthens the capillary walls, improves blood formation, reduces cholesterol, soothes skin, improves the health of muscles and nerves. It is more effective for coughs than cough syrup and fights germs as impressively as manuka honey.

It’s offered in 250gm and 50gm pots.

Sunflower Buckwheat

Our mix of Sunflower and Buckwheat in equal proportions.

Here we have the particularly dark and aromatic buckwheat complemented by the creamy mild and sweet sunflower.

The consistency is thick, creamy, with bigger sugar crystals and a caramel-brown colour.

The Sunflower and Buckwheat honey mix is a real all-rounder that can add a little extra to fine meals, desserts and drinks.

A creamy, fruity and aromatic honey that suits all tastes and is neither too sweet, nor too strong.

It’s offered in 250gm and 50gm pots.

Bronze Quality


Honey as you imagine it.
Even though the sunflower is very known, Sunflower honey is quite rare in Germany. This is because the sunflower needs certain conditions to produce nectar which are often not given when the plant is produced for commercial use. 

The Honey has a wonderful bright yellow colour and slightly spicy smell that reminds of frankincense. Sunflower honey is one of the sweetest variants of honey. It crystallizes gorgeously thick and fine-creamy.

It has a healing effect on the respiratory system, gastrointestinal diseases, the kidneys, skin problems, and is especially useful for the heart and the circulatory system. Sunflower honey can help in the prevention and fight against cardiovascular diseases.

No bear or honeylover could resist this honey that is everything you would want a honey to be.

It’s offered in 250gm and 50gm pots.

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