Honey Fasting

Honey Fasting • How to conduct it suitable for your body

I have done many different kinds of Fasting over the last 4 years, being highly inspired by Medical Mediums cleanses which involve tons of blueberries, leafy greens and celery. Raw food diets have been my preparation for the more intense fasting which I conducted in the recent 2 years.

Now I do regular honey water fasts, at least once a year for 10 days, and more regularly for 3 days.

I spontaneously decide when to conduct the fast, just as I feel ready for it.

However I would have some recommendations for anyone who is starting out with fasting, but really everyone can apply the tips in this Blog to their routine. As I can say from experience its good to try several different things and see what feels adequate to your body and which type of fast you can sustain in during your daily life.

Honey Fasting is by far the best water based fasting method that I have applied.

Here I will share all that I know. Enjoy!

Honey Fasting: The Preparation

The best way to prepare for a fast is to do regular raw food cleanses involving lots of Leafy Greens and Fruit. These will help the body to remove the larger load of toxins in the body, such as remanences in the digestive tract, other pollutants such as heavy metals which damage the nervous system and unhealthy bacteria and viruses which lives on sugars and carbs.

Before doing any kind of water fasting I would recommend at least half a year of preparation with raw food cleanses and a sport routine best involving yoga which is a great aid in helping the body to realise toxins.

In the week before the fast I recommend to cut down on fats, remove milk products and meat entirely from your diet. Eat light foods, start introducing soups in the evenings, have salads for lunch and fruit during the day. This will help the liver to prepare to handle the toxin release during the fast and empty the digestive track.

The right kind of Honey is essential for the fast. You need to choose raw, untreated honey which contains all the necessary enzymes to help your body during the fast. Any kind of mixed honey from supermarkets is a NO-GO!

The last two fasts I have chosen 3 Varieties from The Art of Honey.

I fell in love with the Sunflower Buckwheat Honey which I find a powerhouse of a honey and use it daily. Their recent additions of Orange and Koriander were perfect to add to my routine.

Honey Fasting: The Routine

Use 200 – 300g of Honey per day, mixing 2 table spoons in one Liter of clean water. I am using Charcoal Filtered Water. The Purer the Water the more Toxins it can take up from the body. Do not use water straight from the tab as its molecular structure is non favourable for the body, especially in a period of fasting. Best would be mountain sourced fresh water, but as that’s not available I recommend High Quality Bottled water or filtered water.

If Necessary, keep a Jar of Well Tasting Honey around to have a spoonful if necessary. Allowing gentle quantities of honey if you fell the need is beneficial as it takes pressure off your liver, which will be busy taking care of the cleansing process.

Start with a 3 day fasting period to accustom yourself with the feeling of it.


Every Type of fasting allows your body to process and release a great deal of toxins. To support the body to release these toxins so that they don’t get reabsorbed in the intestinal track, it is absolutely necessary to do water enemas. They are easy and relaxing. A device can be bought cheaply.

I recommend enemas at least once a day in the evening, best do one also in the morning after sleep.

Honey Fasting: A special Tip for Autumn or Winter Fasts

Usually I conduct a longer fast in autumn which is according to Ayurvedic Advice the favourable period for longer fasts.

As days get colder in Europe during that time I am including hot vegetable broth twice a day.
The Broth can be enjoyed in any season to warm the body and support with extra minerals.

Here my recipe for 1-2 days of broth:

Cut and boil the following vegetables in 2,5l water for 45min:

• 1 celery
• 4 Carrots
• 2 Onios
• 3 Tomatoes
• 5 Garlic
• 1 Cup or fresh Parsley

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