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Some Impressions of how difficult the wild bee jungle honey harvest can be


In Greek mythology, ambrosia is the food of the gods, given from heaven to nourish them and give them immortality.

Our Ambrosia honey melts slowly on the tongue and provides many small taste explosions in the mouth. Its divine, velvety taste caresses the palate and is reminiscent of ripe fruit.

Ambrosia honey comes from wild bee colonies in the jungles of southern Sri Lanka.

There, beekeepers work with very simple equipment, without protective clothing or special tools. They go through the jungle and cut down trees to find cavities where bees could live. The whole combs are taken out and pressed by hand. This is a very labor intensive and time consuming process. This simple and natural way of harvesting honey results in a honey that contains all the natural flavors and characteristics of Sri Lanka’s wild bee colonies.

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Origin: Sri Lanka
Blossom time: June & July


Our Arunachala honey comes from wild bees in the pristine forests of India and carries the spiritual essence of Arunachala, a mountain revered by yogis as the heart chakra of the earth. This honey combines not only the culinary delights but also the pure energy of this sacred place, making every spoonful a spiritual experience.

The wild bees collect the nectar from surrounding forests within a 30km radius of the mountain, and the result is a honey that carries the flavors of nature and the vibration of the mountain. Its unique taste combines the tart sweetness of the forests with a tangible spiritual nuance.

Herbal Jungle


The Indian Herbal Honey comes from Coorg in southern India, which is known for its tropical rainforest, evergreen coffee plantations and diverse medicinal herbs.

The breathtakingly exotic landscape provides a rich nectar supply from which the bees produce this incomparable honey. The diversity of plantation in Coorg is reflected in this nuanced honey.

In the foreground are aromas of spices and wild herbs. In the background, a soft full-bodied coffee flavor and a deep florality that unfolds with time.

The Indian Herbal Honey strengthens the heart, acts as blood purifier, soothes cough, cold and fever. It has a rich, reddish-brown color and thick consistency. It enhances drinks and is a delicacy straight from the spoon!

Ayurvedic Honey

(Honeys with traditional use in Ayurveda)



The perfect honey for the cold season! A wild forest bee honey from the heart of India that carries the unique flavor of ginger.
This remarkable honey is the result of a mindful process in which ginger roots are carefully steeped in honey for at least a year before being gently extracted. This creates a unique masterpiece that is infused with ginger. The result? A honey that is not only a sweet temptation, but also a bold and fiery adventure for your taste buds.

Ginger honey is all about that spicy note that warms from within. It’s like a surge of warmth and flavor in every drop.
This honey adds an exciting twist to culinary adventures, whether you drizzle it over yogurt, mix it into tea or use it in cooking or salad dressings.

Origin: India

Blossom time: July – October



A feast for the senses: turmeric honey. This honey comes from the wild forests of India and has an exceptionally characteristic turmeric aroma.

The creation of this honey requires a demanding process that respects patience and the natural passage of time. Over a period of one year, turmeric roots are carefully preserved in the honey. This gentle refinement gives the honey a unique hint of turmeric that is not only sweet, but also gentle and soothing in taste. The result is a honey that carries the healthy essence of turmeric and at the same time impresses with its taste.

Turmeric is often referred to as the “golden root” and has made a name for itself in Ayurvedic medicine.

Origin: India

Blossom time: July – September



Dark caramel toffee flavor, that develops slowly on the tongue, spicy and tart – the Indian superfood in the form of liquid gold.

What has long been described as a gift from heaven in old Sanskrit writings unfolds its full effect in our neem honey.
Neem is a medicinal plant that has been known for centuries in Ayurveda , it’s honey is appreciated as Maharishi honey. Neem Honey is particularly known for its many positive features on the body.
It accelerates wound healing, strengthens the immune system, helps with skin diseases and many other ailments. It is known to be anti-inflammatory, anti-coughing and antiseptic. Neem honey is a dark honey, with a rich natural dark toffee, gingerbread taste, warm, enveloping and wildly floral.

Eat on warm pancakes or cereals, waffles or on bread.
It is recommended to eat one teaspoon of Neem Honey before you start your day to boost your immunity and energy during the day.

Origin: Indien
Blossom time: January – May



Refreshing, flowery, with an vitalizing herbal note – this is what Tulsi honey tastes like, collected from the nectar of holy Indian basil.

In its homeland India, Tulsi is considered the queen of herbs, a sacred herb.

The Indians also call this basil Tulsi – the Sanskrit word for “The Incomparable”.
As special as this herb is, honey is just as unique and healing.

It contains various essential oils, relieves stress, strengthens the immune system and has anti-aging properties. It is not for nothing that it is considered the elixir of life in traditional Ayurveda medicine.

Tulsi honey is light golden yellow in color that tends to reddish brown. With its fresh, floral taste and its delicate, flowing consistency, this honey invites us to relax and immerse ourselves in a feeling of well-being.

Origin: India
Blossom time: June – October


The incomparable spice and medicinal herb also provides a wonderfully aromatic honey that honey lovers appreciate.

Thyme honey has a velvety, finely spicy aroma. The colour is reminiscent of dark amber and can almost be reddish. Typical is also its smell, which has a clarifying effect.

Thyme honey has a calming effect on the nervous system, the intestines and can even help with rheumatic complaints.
Those who like spicy honey will love thyme honey.

Platinum quality


Passionately fruity blackberry aroma conjures up an incomparable pleasure on the palate. Our blackberry honey combines the natural sweetness of honey with the intense darkness of blackberries to create an irresistible taste experience. Each spoonful reveals the refreshing freshness of the berries and the delicate sweetness of the honey in perfect harmony.

Our carefully produced blackberry honey is perfect as a sweet seduction on the breakfast table, as a delicate ingredient in desserts or as a special touch in sauces and dressings. The dark coloring and distinctive flavor make it a versatile companion in your kitchen. Experience the tantalizing fusion of nature and flavor captured in every jar of our blackberry honey. Indulge your palate with an unforgettable journey through the fruity blackberry groves – be enchanted by its delicacy.

Origin: Spain
Blossom time: June & July


Our Avocado Honey combines the velvety texture of avocado with the golden sweetness of honey to create an incomparable taste experience. Each moment of indulgence reveals the refreshing greenness of avocado and the delicate, natural sweetness of honey – a truly harmonious fusion.

Whether as a tantalising note on your morning roll, a delicate addition to desserts or a secret ingredient in sauces and dressings, you’ll be delighted by its versatility. The soft colour and distinctive taste make avocado honing an indispensable companion in your kitchen.

Origin: Spanien
Blossom time: Juni


Powerfully dark with a slight bitter note – chestnut honey from the nectar of the chestnut blossom – a taste journey into the depths of our forest.

Chestnut honey has a reddish to brownish colour and in most cases has a delicate liquid consistency.
Due to its special characteristics, chestnut honey tastes somewhat tart with bitter nuances. However, it is always strong and has a deep spiciness.
The chestnut blossom gives the whole a flowery warm aroma and deepens the incomparable taste of fruity-nutty chestnut.
An aromatic delicacy, a unique treat for every gourmet.

Its versatile flavour makes it a perfect accompaniment to numerous dishes, such as cheese, fish and meat.

Origin: Spain
Blossom time: May & June


Lavender honey is a very well-known and very popular honey. No wonder, because the amber-coloured honey comes with a whole bouquet of different taste nuances.

The velvety taste combines smoky depth with light bitter tones, refreshing citrus notes and pleasant sweetness. A very aromatic honey that fills the whole mouth.

Lavender honey also has great healing properties as it supports tissue regeneration. It is used to heal burns, insect bites and wounds.

Origin: Spain
Blossom time: June & August


This honey is extracted from the blossom of the lemon trees and harvested in spring, usually in the months of April and May. Its colour is a very light yellow and its aroma is mildly sweet with a fine acidity. It crystallises slowly and very finely. The area where this type of honey is usually grown is in the province of Alicante.

Lemon honey is the honey we most recommend to those just entering the world of honey because it is very gentle on the palate; for the same reason, it is also recommended for children.

Origin: Spain
Blossom time: April & May


Raw orange blossom honey, one of the classic honeys of the Mediterranean, differs from other honeys in that it has not been heated or filtered in any way. This honey comes straight from the comb to your home and retains all its good qualities.

Raw orange blossom honey is most characteristic of the Valencia area, where there are large areas of orange trees. It is a honey with a mild taste and pleasant smell. It is one of the gentlest honeys, both for its spectacular floral aroma and for its sweet taste. Its colour is light amber and practically transparent when it is liquid and white when it crystallises.

Origin: Spain
Blossom time: March & April

Gold quality


Enjoy the delicate elegance of lime blossom honey! A touch of summer captured in a jar. Our lime blossom honey combines the subtle florality of lime with the natural sweetness of honey to create a flavourful masterpiece.

Each spoonful reveals the gentle richness of the lime blossom and the subtle sweetness of the honey – a harmonious liaison that enchants your senses. Whether on your morning bread, as a refining addition to desserts or as a secret ingredient in your favourite cuisine, this honey adds a special nuance to any dish.

The golden colour and distinctive flavour make lime blossom honey a real highlight in your menu. Experience the magical combination of nature and pleasure, captured in every jar. Immerse yourself in the gentle world of lime blossom and let its elegance envelop you – an unforgettable treat for your senses.

Origin: Spain
Blossom time: May & June


In the midst of the fragrant rose fields of India, the delicate and lovely rose honey is extracted. This delicious honey captures the essence of roses in bloom and brings it to every jar.

A hint of rose aroma envelops this honey and lends it a gentle and romantic note. This honey is not only a delight for the palate, but also for the senses. A spoonful of rose honey is reminiscent of a walk through a rose garden while the warm sun shines on the petals.

Roses are symbols of love and beauty, and their aroma gives this honey a very special elegance. The bees that collect the nectar from the roses help to preserve this beauty in every drop of this honey.

Origin: India
Blossom time: June – September


We offer this very popular and high-quality honey in a particularly high quality.

Because of its slightly vanilla-like taste, it is very popular with children. Acacia honey remains liquid much longer than other types of honey, and is also excellent as a sweetener. It is considered hypoallergenic and is therefore the best honey for allergy sufferers. Because it contains many effective antioxidants, it is also excellent to apply to the skin to relieve acne and heal wounds.

Origin: Spain
Blossom time: March to June


This unusual and original honey has a fruity aromatic taste with a slight aniseed note – a special treat for every honey lover.

Coriander honey has a light colour, a wonderful consistency and supports the digestive system. It can help with constipation, flatulence, gastritis and colic, stimulates blood circulation and is good for the memory.

Origin: Spain
Blossom time: March to June


This unusual and original honey has a fruity aromatic taste with a slight aniseed note – a special treat for every honey lover.

Coriander honey has a light colour, a wonderful consistency and supports the digestive system. It can help with constipation, flatulence, gastritis and colic, stimulates blood circulation and is good for the memory.

Origin: Spain
Blossom time: January & February

Silver quality


Eucalyptus honey has a strong dark colour and a distinctive smell. It has a spicy-fresh taste that has nothing to do with cough sweets, which we might think of at first. Friends of forest and lime honey will like this honey.
Eucalyptus honey has many good healing properties for the body. The eucalyptus oil contained in the honey helps with colds and can help with urinary tract infections and the elimination of kidney stones.

Origin: Spain
Blossom time: October to December


The light floral-slightly spicy honey has an invigorating effect and is ideal as a special breakfast honey. The blue rosemary flowers offer the bees a rich nectar supply.

It has a unique taste and smell reminiscent of flowers.
Rosemary honey is rich in lithium, which supports memory and has a stabilising effect on the psyche, and it also calms the digestion.

The region around Valencia, where our honey comes from, is known for the colourfulness of the vast rosemary fields and the rosemary honey is a local speciality.

Origin: Spain
Blossom time: April to June


A special flavour for honey lovers.

Buckwheat honey is immediately recognisable by its typical dark colour and distinctive smell. It comes from the dark nectar of the buckwheat flower and contains many antioxidants. Its texture is thick and creamy with an aromatic malty taste. Buckwheat honey is considered one of the healthiest honeys and is often used in cases of illness to strengthen the body.

Origin: Poland
Blossom time: July to September

Sunflower – Buckwheat

Discover the unique combination of sunflower buckwheat honey! Natural, creamy, fruity and mildly spicy – a treat that will delight your senses. The natural fruitiness of the sunflower meets the mildly spicy note of the buckwheat. One spoonful reveals the perfect harmony of these flavours to tantalise your taste buds.

Enjoy the versatility of this honey: perfect on bread, in bowls or as a fine ingredient in savoury dishes. The golden colour and distinctive taste make it a highlight on your table. Experience the combination of creamy texture and fruity, mildly spicy flavour, captured in every jar. Dive into the world of natural delights and discover Sunflower Buckwheat Honey – a feast for your senses.

Wild meadow

Wild meadow blossom honey

The pristine wildflower meadows of northern Ukraine give this honey its characteristic flavour.
Soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture and a subtle fruity aroma.

Origin: Poland
Blossom time: May to December

Bronze quality

Mountain flowers

From the original wild flowers in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains.

The nectar for this extraordinary blossom honey provides the body with information from many different pollens. This strengthens the immune system and helps to alleviate allergies in the long run. The taste has a good balance between sweet, fruity and aromatic.Thanks to the abundance of flowers in Ukraine, this honey has more depth than we know from the usual flower honeys from the supermarket.

Origin: Poland
Blossom time: May to December


Honey like you could only wish for.

Although the sunflower is very well known, its honey is very rare in Germany.

The background is that the sunflower needs certain conditions to produce nectar, which are often not fulfilled when the flower comes from commercial agriculture. The honey has a wonderful light colour and a slightly pungent smell reminiscent of incense. Sunflower honey is sweet, pleasant and slightly spicy. The consistency is wonderfully thick and fine-creamy. No bear or honey lover could resist this honey, which is exactly how a honey should be.

Origin: Poland
Blossom time: June to October

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