Honey and Gastritis

Honey for gastritis – The miracle mixture with sea buckthorn.

The positive effects of sea buckthorn and honey are recognized by doctors and alternative practitioners alike. The unique orange fruits are used for preventive purposes especially to strengthen the body with its variety of antioxidants and vitamins but also for cosmetic purposes to improve the condition of the skin, for example.

In the kitchen, sea buckthorn is used mainly for the production of syrups, jams and alcoholic tinctures.

The fruits of sea buckthorn have a pleasant taste and retain their healing properties even when frozen. The bark and leaves of the prickly plant are also rich in useful ingredients.

One of the well-known medicinal uses of sea buckthorn berries and honey is hypoacid gastritis.

Sometimes sea buckthorn jam is recommended for gastritis. However, it is best not to use it because the sugar can overacidify the body and have a negative effect on the course of gastritis.

On the contrary, honey is a wonderful remedy for gastritis. If you replace the sugar with natural honey, then sea buckthorn with honey for gastritis supports immunity, enriches the diet with an excellent dessert and cleanses the body of toxins.

This mixture helps the overworked body to restore itself. In ecologically unfavorable conditions, a sea buckthorn-mint drink (leaves of both plants with boiling water) with honey is useful to drink instead of water.

Honey for gastritis – Preparing the mixture with sea buckthorn.

The sea buckthorn honey mixture can be prepared as follows.
Simply take an empty jam jar and fill it halfway with fresh and matured or freshly thawed sea buckthorn berries.

Pour raw liquid honey, such as acacia or coriander (which also helps with digestive problems) over the berries, stir the mixture gently for some minutes and let the jar sit overnight.

Coriander Honey

It is a speciality for every honey lover. Coriander honey has a light colour, wondeful texture and great benefits for the digestive system.

It can help with constipation, flatulence, gastritis, colic and discomfort. It stimulates the blood circulation and helps memory.

Honey Fasting

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