Dancing bees

Dancing bees

How she finds great flowers and a new home –

The language of bees is dance

The tail dance shows the forager bees how far away the flowers are and in which direction they have to fly.

If the bees have to fly towards the sun, they have to fly in the opposite direction. If he goes to the right, it means that the flowers are to the right of the sun, and if he goes to the left, they are to the left.

If they are close to the hive, they dance in a circle. If they are further away, they have to tell the other bees how far to fly and in which direction. To do this, they perform a “tail dance” that follows a figure-eight shape.

The hive environment is guarded around the clock by scout bees. When they find a good source of nectar or pollen, they communicate their discovery to the other bees by performing a special dance on the comb. This round dance shows the forager bees that there are flowers nearby.

The waggle dance

The longer the waggle dance lasts, the greater the distance to the flowers.

Put simply, one second of waggle dance corresponds to a flight distance of 100 metres. Since it is dark in the hive, the other bees cannot see the waggle dance. They can only perceive its movements and listen to its buzzing, but that is enough for them to get the information they need.

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