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  • Acacia honey 500g 11.50

    We offer this very popular and high-quality honey in a particularly high quality.

    Because of its slightly vanilla taste, it is very popular with children. Acacia honey stays liquid much longer than other honeys, and is also excellent as a sweetener. It is considered hypoallergenic and is therefore the best honey for allergy sufferers. As it contains many effective antioxidants, it is also excellent to apply to the skin to relieve acne and heal wounds.

    Available in 250g and 50g jars.

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  • Sunflower honey 500g 9.50

    Honey as you could wish for Although the sunflower is very well known, its honey is very rare in Germany.

    The background is that the sunflower needs certain conditions to produce nectar, which are often not met when the flower comes from commercial agriculture. The honey has a wonderful light colour and a slightly pungent smell reminiscent of incense. Sunflower honey is sweet, pleasant and slightly spicy. The consistency is deliciously *** and fine-creamy. No bear or honey lover could resist this honey, which is exactly how a honey should be.

    Available in 500g and 50g jars.

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  • Almond honey 500g 11.50

    Almonds are the first trees to blossom after the winter season. For the bees, the first fresh nectar source and the start of the season. Harvesting almond honey, however, requires tact and the right timing, as it can easily happen that a frost occurs and destroys the flowers. Therefore, almond honey is a rare speciality.

    Almond honey is a delicate sweet honey with some bitter tones that give it a delicate pleasant taste. It has a light, slightly yellow colour, a fine crystallisation and supports digestion.

    Available in 50g and 250g jars.

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  • Buckwheat honey 500g 10.95

    A special flavour for honey lovers.

    Buckwheat honey is immediately recognisable by its typical dark colour and distinctive smell. It comes from the dark nectar of the buckwheat flower and contains many antioxidants. Its texture is *** and creamy with an aromatic malty taste. Buckwheat honey is considered one of the healthiest honeys and is often used in illness to strengthen the body.

    More info about buckwheat honey

    Available in 250gand 50gjars.

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  • Coriander honey 500g 11.50

    This unusual and original honey has a fruity aromatic taste with a slight aniseed note – a speciality for every honey lover.

    Coriander honey has a light colour, a wonderful consistency and supports the digestive system. It can help with constipation, flatulence, gastritis and colic, stimulates blood circulation and is good for the memory.

    Available in 250gand 50g jars.

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