Kräuter Dschungel Honig 50g


Fine coffee notes, a sea of ​​wild flowers and Indian spices – the Indian herbal jungle honey takes us on a tasteful journey to the south of India.


The herbal jungle  comes from Coorg in southern India, which is known for its tropical rainforest, evergreen coffee plantations and diverse medicinal herbs. 

The breathtakingly exotic landscape offers a rich supply of nectar from which the bees produce this incomparable honey. The diversity of the fauna in Coorg is reflected in this nuanced honey. In the foreground are aromas of spices and wild herbs. In the background, a soft full-bodied coffee taste and a deep floral that unfolds over time.

The Indian herbal jungle honey has a rich, red-brown color and a viscous consistency. It refines drinks and is a delicacy straight from the spoon!



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