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Thymian Honig roh
Eukalyptus Honig roh
Rosemary Honey Raw

The Art of Honey

Rosemary Honey Raw
Eukalyptus Honig roh
Thymian Honig roh

Finest Honey

from Pristine Nature

Bee Different


“Honey paired with Art,

is True Food for the Heart!”

We at The Art of Honey adore Honey. All of our Honey Pots are individual artistic creations with artworks and specially designed labels. They are a true jewel among other honeys being sold out in the markets. 
The artistic labels express what’s inside. Fresh, untreated and deliciously healthy honey from pristine nature. Many of the beekeepers are friends of ours and others we found whilst travelling through the pristine countryside of Ukraine and Southern Spain. 
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17 Different Honey Flavours

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Characteristic Flavours from the South of Spain

Lavender Honey

500g Lavender Honey

Rosemary Honey

500g Rosmary Honey

500g Organic Thyme Honey

500g Thyme

All about Honey

Find out more about Honey, its applications and benefits.


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Health Benefits of Raw Honey


“Psychological Stability, 

Physical Wellbeing 

& Vitality 

can be greatly enhanced”

Environmental Activist
and Yoga Master Sadhguru

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Beekeeper Organic Honey

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Wellness From
Prestine Nature

Our incredibly rare raw honey is sourced directly from most isolated places of Ukraine,  which are completely free from any kind of pesticides and fertilisers which are used on farms in other regions in Europe. Our dedication to the purity and quality of our Raw and Unprocessed organic honey is what sets us apart from the rest. So that you can get all the benefits of honey what is supposed to have.

Honey Families

All our Flavours are available in 50gm, 250gm and 500gm

Due to our careful treatment the honey’s valuable enzymes are preserved. Each Honey has its own qualities and benefits. We asked the local beekeepers about their traditional use as a treatment and have done research to provide you a clear picture of each of our honey’s value. 

Rosemary Honey Raw
Rosemary Honey in different sizes • Premium Quality


The light, flowery, slightly spicy honey has a vitalizing effect and is ideal as a special breakfast honey. The blue rosemary flowers offer the bees a rich supply of nectar.

It has a unique taste and odor reminiscent of flowers.

Rosemary honey is rich in lithium, which supports the memory and has a stabilizing effect on the psyche, it also calms the digestion.

The region around Valencia from where we collect is known for the splendor of colors of the wide rosemary fields and the rosemary honey is a local specialty.

It’s offered in 500gm, 250gm and 50gm pots.

Yummy Honey Recipies

Honey Cinnamon And Fruit

15 mins or less
Serves 2
Dig into this scrumptous cinnamon and fruit honey pancake with the natural goddness of natrual dadev honey and the secret ingredients.  

Love from
our customers

Authentic reviews of our Honey

I am a Honey Lover by Heart. The Art of Honey truly offers the whole package of a supreme honey experience. The Taste is phenomenal, my favourites are Koriander, Supreme and Buckwheat - Sunflower. It's pure and raw honey and I enjoy the vibrancy with every spoon. Pot looks amazing and the owner is as sweet as the honey itself. Thank you! : )

Niko T.

Thank you! Great Honey! Lovely Design and such a great collection of flavours. I never tasted Almond honey before and i'm a real fan now. Your honey is something very different from Supermarket honey!

Jasmin K.

What excites me about the honey from Art of Honey is the incredible variety of flavours, many of which were also totally new to me. I could so discover completely new tastes for and am positively surprised how intense honey can taste. The small 50g jars are also perfectly fitted in the gift boxes and allow one to explore the different varieties. I also notice how much love is involved in the production and in the design. I am really thrilled all around and can highly recommend the honey. My favorite: Eucalyptus

Laura L.

Dear Honey Team, Actually, I am not such a big honey lover, but the attractive design of the jars made me curious and so I tried some exotic varieties. Starting with Buckwheat Honey to Rosemary Honey to Raw Orange Blossom Honey. However, my favorite variety is Acacia Honey in its lovely, unobtrusive sweetness. I always have a few different types of honey in stock for a friend as a Wonderful Gift. With Honey-Sweet Greetings, Barbara

Barbara M.
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