Ambrosia Honey 250g


Ayurveda Edition • Fine Sri Lankan Jungle Honey
Handpicked from Wild Bee Honey Combs.
Velvety-fruity, Tropical Taste that Tingles your Tongue. Exquisite Honey Experience

In Greek mythology, Ambrosia is the food of gods, which was given by the heavens to nourish them and give them immortality.

Our Ambrosia Honey slowly melts on the tongue and causes many little taste explosions in your mouth. Its divine, velvety flavour caresses the palate and is reminiscent of ripe fruit.

Ambrosia honey comes from wild bee colonies in the jungles of southern Sri Lanka.

There the beekeepers work with very simple equipment, no protective clothes, and no special tools. They walk in the Jungle and hit trees to find those hollow which might contain Bees. The whole combs are taken, and pressed by hand. It is a very labour-intense and time-consuming process. Through this simple and natural style of honey harvesting, you get honey that contains all the natural flavours and characteristics of the wild bee colonies of Sri Lanka.


It’s also offered in 50gm pots.



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