Neem Honey 250g


What has long been described as a gift from heaven in old Sanskrit writings unfolds its full effect in our neem honey.
Neem is a medicinal plant that has been known for centuries in Ayurveda , it’s honey is appreciated as Maharishi honey. Neem Honey is particularly known for its many positive features on the body.
It accelerates wound healing, strengthens the immune system, helps with skin diseases and many other ailments. It is known to be anti-inflammatory, anti-coughing and antiseptic. ​​Neem honey is a dark honey, with a rich natural dark toffee, gingerbread taste, warm, enveloping and wildly floral.

Eat on warm pancakes or cereals, waffles or on bread.
It is recommended to eat one teaspoon of Neem Honey before you start your day to boost your immunity and energy during the day.

If you want to learn more about the panacea neem honey click here.

It’s also offered in 50gm pots.

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