Our Beekeepers Living in Pristine Nature

The Beekeeper of our Coriander Honey Taste

Roma’s and his wife Olesya’s Bees give us Coriander Honey

Our apiary is nomadic, according to the season we transport it from one honey place to another. In winter, the apiary is stationary until the spring season begins.

There is a lot of work in the apiary, its inconspicuous but you cannot avoid this work.
For some reason, it has long been believed that it is not necessary to make an effort to bring honey from bees.

Probably many people have this idea – you just need to take out the hives, put them and the bees fly and bring the honey, but it is not like that. Beekeeping is a very painstaking and difficult work. Being in love with this business is the most important thing.

Even in winter, when the bees do not fly, the beekeeper will find something to do, such as prepare new frames, carry out repairs, if necessary. Prepare hives and generally prepare everything for the new season.

All work with the bee colonies is performed by my husband, Roma. At honey pumping times we go together, the whole family.

Beekeeper Organic Honey

The Beekeeper of our Supreme Honey Taste

Ivan’s Bees give us Forest Supreme Honey.
A natural blend of Coriander, Buckweed and Forest Flowers

Ivan is a hereditary beekeeper. The apiary is his main income. Since childhood, he helped his father in the apiary. The father was very conservative.

Ivan studied to be a beekeeper in a special school. Then he left to work. He went to the far north.

He made money and returned, then bought a house. Now he lives close to Moldova. His bees are importing from across the boarder.

Ivan Says,’ I bought a house in an extraordinarily beautiful place. On the lake. In the woods. I placed an apiary there. Which I bought with the money I earned.

We are delighted to bring you Ivan bees honey from his Extraordinary Forest.

The Beekeeper of our Buckweed and Forest Honey Taste

Mykola and his Grandchildren’s Bees give us Buckweed and Forest Honey

The Apiary of grandfather Mykola is a family craft that is passed down from generation to generation. 

Mykola learned everything as a child from his father, great-grandfather Vasily.  Now his children and grandchildren are studying and helping.

The honey of Mykola is already known all over Ukraine for its particular taste.  Those who have tasted it once will definitely come back again. 

The rich variety of Polissya region nature is collected in sweet nectar from an abundance of flowers. Here everyone will find his favorite taste of honey.

A fragrant May honey, a special forest honey with hints of berries.

A later harvest provides bitterness from monofloral buckwheat. 

No one will be indifferent.