Honey Massage

Honey Massage Rejuvenating the body with a Honey Massage Honey massage is a type of soft tissue massage in which honey is poured onto the area to be massaged. This type of massage can be very relaxing or slightly painful, contingent on which kind of technique is being used. Before the honey massage, the masseur must make […]

Honey and Gastritis

Honey and Gastritis The Remedy against Gastritis: Honey and Sea-Buckthorn Honey for gastritis – The miracle mixture with sea buckthorn. The positive effects of sea buckthorn and honey are recognized by doctors and alternative practitioners alike. The unique orange fruits are used for preventive purposes especially to strengthen the body with its variety of antioxidants […]

The Remarkable Power of Honey

Bee gold: Why honey is an Insect Superfood. From pesticide detox to increased longevity, the benefits of the sweet stuff for bees go well beyond simply nourishing the hardworking insects in the hive.